CINÉ-REAL | 28 November – Alfred Hitchcock

CINÉ-REAL, is a non-for-profit film club with the aim of bringing filmmakers and cineastes together, to enjoy a classic celluloid experience, promote collaboration and discussion. The films shown are all 16mm prints of classic feature films. They are also all examples of how technical or financial limitations actually led to the development of a new style, such as the use of jump cuts in French New Wave, due to lack of film stock. We will also show a short film by a local director before the main feature in an effort to support local film makers.
The next film is ‘The Lady Vanishes’  a 1938 British comic thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave, Paul Lukas and Dame May Whitty.
START: 7.30PM – 10.30PM/11PM (depending on the film)
PRICE: monthly membership of £5 (entitles you to attend the screening) door or website by paypal MEMBERSHIP
CINÉ-REAL  is on every last Thursday of the month.