The Kingdom of Paul Nash by The Cabinet of Living Cinema | Friday 20 December

Live music, song, surrealist film, animation and live sound effects and digital rock-pools celebrating the Dorset life and love of painter, Paul Nash. Devised by live cinema collective: The Cabinet of Living Cinema. The Cabinet will also be releasing their new album at this event.

In Summer, 2013 we began photographing and filming the quarries, sea-cliffs and downs of Purbeck, the area which so inspired Paul Nash in the 30s in his move towards surrealism and abstraction. The objects found there are given totemic, animistic qualities. Less interested in the past as past, it was the past as present that beguiled him. In Purbeck, we find these landscapes, both ancient, geological, elemental, curved, carved and crashed by wave, quarried into cubist caves by years of industry to create an “objet trouve” landscape – the accidental beauty of a discarded object or the animistic quality of the ready-made first pioneered by Dada, and within the work Nash made whilst living in Swanage.

Nash died in a guest-house in Boscombe on the 11th July, 1946, having spent his last ten days revisiting the places of Dorset that had inspired his surrealism: the dream-like landscapes and inanimate objects he had found in and around Swanage earlier in his life, what he would call, shortly before his death, his “kingdom”.

In a sea-voyage conducted to coincide with the date of his passing, The Cabinet collect images of the half-mechanised, half-prehistoric world of the Purbeck cliffs from ten caves accessible only by sea, representing the final days of the artist’s life. Objects found on this journey are used to create soundscapes that usher in this secret world of colour and unearthly sound, while surrealist animation and images of Paul Nash’s work explore the artistic and philosophical ideas shaped by his encounter with the Purbeck landscape.

When: Friday 209 December – 7.30pm

Cost: Donation