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“Tonight we create a séance. Tonight we create contact with the spirits. Don’t be afraid. . .” séance.  is a theatre event combining illusions and    audience participation. It draws on the tradition of Victorian Séances and the Spiritualism movement. You experience a Séance where you have to remind yourself that you’re seeing a show. séance. doesn’t prove that ghosts exist. séance. doesn’t prove that ghosts don’t exist. séance. will make you doubt your perception and question your beliefs. séance. has toured Europe and was performed in exciting places like the Barbican Centre, Shunt, The Last Tuesday Society, Other Gallery and some strange living rooms. Trailer: séance.   Philipp Oberlohr has been a magician for half his life. He studied at the University of Innsbruck, Austria (BA Theology) and at the International School of Corporeal Mime in London. His understanding of theatre and people brings his shows to new and exciting areas. He has performed at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, the Arcola Theatre, the Oxford and Cambridge Club, Mauve-Vienna, Trangallan and many other places.  He creates experiences that make his audience say over and over again: He is more than a magician. Date: 9 December 2013 Time: 8pm Book Tickets “super naturally… a spooky one-man show”  Irish Times “wonderful séance experience…fantastic performance”  A. Gillespie, Barbican Centre “hugely entertaining and atmospheric” Alan O’Regan “excellent, entertaining and bewildering performance” Hugh Yeaman