The Russet gathered its name from the orchard planted by The Tree Musketeers in Hackney Downs Park. Fifteen heritage apple trees were planted there in 2009 and are now close to fruiting, four of the varieties are russeted. An Egremont Russet, which is seen as the classic Russet was planted around our opening, and will grow and flower as we also do.

The Russet aims to serve local people with good food at reasonable prices. The produce used to design the menus is local, seasonal and fresh. We support the re-localisation of the food production system and in doing so will ensure that the food and drink represents the terroir of the cafe. The seed of The Russet was planted in early Autumn, when apples are harvested by the bucketload. Menus will change daily and be inspired by the changes of the seasons and the produce that comes with nature’s shifts.

The cafe will be a space for holistic education, that which views humans and the environment as part of the same system. This will take place through talks, workshops and discussions that engage with the wider community. The space will also act as an evening venue showcasing the best in local and global arts. The Russet is a new space for food to be shared, but also a space for discussion, for creation and for entertainment.